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With my beloved wife of 39 years, we share the blessings of a daughter, son and three grand children.  Our home in is a quiet agricultural plot in central Florida.  I am a committed Christian of the Catholic faith and actively involved in our parish.  Since 1973 I have been involved in leadership within the Charismatic Renewal. 

Upon graduating high school, my first job was the repairing the audio-visual equipment for the county schools.  I then did mechanic work and welding to get through college.  I graduated from the University of FL with a B.S. in chemistry aiming at med school, but that proved incompatible.  I spent a year building houses, while figuring out what to do in life, then went back to UF for a Masters and Specialists in Counseling.  After two years as an elementary school counselor, I was recruited into our parish of 3000 families as the director of youth ministry and adult education for the next seventeen years.  I then spent two years teaching science and math to emotionally disabled middle school children, followed by another ten years teaching math to incarcerated boys from 6th to 12th grade.  I am presently medically retired.

My interests and recreational pursuits have always been of the mechanical nature, from building engines to airplanes.  I am occupied with the maintenance of our home and property.  In my spare time, I am learning to use a lathe and milling machine that God sent my way.  And God willing, I might find the time and health to resurrect an aircraft that has languished in a state of "un-rebuilt" in my shop for over ten years.  Of late, I have been feeling drawn to "putting to pen" thoughts I have been pondering.  This blog is an attempt to do that.  I pray these personal reflections will benefit your own pondering.

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