Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Oh Cross Of Christ

Oh Cross Of Christ

Oh Tree of Life, from Seedling to Throne,
           to Feel what you Felt,
to Know, what you have Known!

You held Him in your Arms,
to the Envy of his Mother,
as there he Hung, Alone to Suffer.

He was Crushed for us,
made to Drink the Cup,
his Dignity Taken, you bore him up.

Despised, Forgotten, Forsaken was he,
you Raised him High,
for all Time to See.

What Purpose, what Destiny, to Be that Altar Wood,
to have Offered the Sacrificial Lamb,
on that Hill where you Stood.

What was it like, his Wounds pressed upon your grain,
to be Soaked in his Saving Blood,
to Share his Salvific Pain?

As you carried his Body, so Heavy with Sin,
did you feel the Burden,
of my Guilt within?

Oh Cross of Christ, friend to Sorrow, familiar with Strife,
his Companion into Death,
                    Companion me now, into Life.