Thursday, November 26, 2015

Jerusalem Tears

Jerusalem Tears (Luke 19:41)
    The end was near.  His death lay before him.  His final pilgrimage is at its end.  Jerusalem comes into sight, and Jesus weeps for her.  This snapshot of Jesus’ humanity is heartrending, raw with emotion.  His life’s mission, his passion to save, is crushing down upon him.  He who is Eternal is out of time.  He who is All-Powerful, is helpless in the face of rejection.  All that he had done within her walls -all the miracles, the healings, the outpouring of love –was to no avail.  Jerusalem remains deaf to his call, closed to the Word he bears.
    After failing to defeat Jesus, in the desert, at the beginning of his ministry, Satan promised to return.  Surely this moment was ripe with invitation.  Could Satan resist whispering vile temptations into Jesus’ breaking heart?  Would not this be the opportune time to demand Justice be served, to call down lightning upon Jerusalem, to shake the dust from his sandals and offer his Love to a more deserving people? Why should he die for this Unfaithful Bride who spurns his Love?  Would not this be time to test the Son of Man, to convince him, that his identity is not Son of God, but of a Failed Prophet?  Surely, you have sacrificed enough, why cast your pearls to the swine?  Jesus, Man above all men, you deserve better, you have done enough!
    But the Devil’s ploy is lost to the wind.  Jesus only listens to the Voice of his Father, and that Voice is calling him to do even more, to enter Jerusalem and mount the Cross that lies waiting.  Jesus wiped the tears from his beard, stood erect, breathed in the Spirit of his Father surrounding him, and continued on, to finish what had begun long ago, when the First Man of men bit into that forbidden fruit.   Satan withdraws, still confident in his plan of Death, unaware of the Defeat looming at Calvary.
Oh praise the Cross of Christ,
The Blood, that flowed complete.
Salvation has it won,
Bowing Satan to its feet.

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