Monday, November 2, 2015

Come To Me My Bride

Come To Me My Bride (John 6:37)

    “All the Father has given me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I shall not turn him away;”  We are the Children of God, as such, we belong to him.  Because we are so cherished, God our Father, gives us to his Son –as a father gives away the Bride, so we are given to Jesus.  We have been created to encounter the Heart of Hearts, the Source of All Love.  We have been infused with an Incomprehensible Grace –an insatiable deprivation, to hunger and thirst for fulfillment, for Truth, for the consummation of Eucharistic Union, to know the intimacy of our Beloved Spouse.
    “All that the Father has given will come to me…”  When the Father lifts the bridal veil, our eyes behold an Un-graspable Beauty that yet grasps us.  In this Sacred Embrace of eyes, the Spirit of our Spouse invades our Soul, a power that drives us to abandon our Old Name, and take on the identity of our Lord.  This Power impels us, to leap into the Darkness Of Faith, to trust in a Hand we cannot see, to surrender to a Love that is await to consume us.  This is the Spirit that is calling, enabling and transforming us now.  It is a Grace we cannot see until we look back onto the Darkness from which we have come.
    “…and whoever comes to me I shall not turn away;”  The moment we utter “I do!”, the Covenant is Eternal, unfazed by our unfaithfulness, forgetting of our failures, only ever wooing us deeper into the abyss of his embrace.  We are given, by our Father to Jesus, as a Gift, made attractive and pleasing with the White Garment of Faith.  Not only can he not turn us away, but he can only desire what his Father has made so Beautiful, so filled with his Spirit, so becoming in his Likeness.
    Lord Jesus, your Word is so clear in this morning’s light.  It is all about you.  I am redeemed by your Mercy, made Beautiful by your Love -by your Body and Blood.  Nourish me anew today.  Raise me up Lord.  Wash me afresh with your Holy Spirit.  Gladden my heart with the Hope of serving our Father, all the days of my life, with you at my side.

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