Thursday, January 21, 2016

Of Psalm 96

Of Psalm 96

“Sing Yahweh a new song! ...bless his name.”
Why Lord would you gift me this Word, unless I need to hear it, unless I am prone to be unfaithful to it?  I have known the emptiness of banishing your name.  You snatched me from that pit and my heart yet throbs.  Holy Spirit, bring forth from my depths a New Song for this New Day, with its new blessings and Love yet revealed.

Proclaim his salvation day after day, tell of his glory among the nations, tell his marvels to every people. Yahweh is great, loud must be his praise…”
I cannot be silent or I should die of shame.  Your Mercy is unrelenting, your deliverance unstoppable.  Dare I mumble your praise, my Lord?  I shall shout it from the mountain tops, that your Glory be accompanied by clouds into the Heights.

Yahweh himself made the heavens, in his presence are splendor and majesty …power and beauty.”
You are the Wellspring Of Life, all creation sings your Glory.  Your resplendent work reflects your finger’s Power -Beauty Incarnate.  My breath, my heartbeat, proclaims your Presence –as the poem betrays the Lover’s Heart.

Pay tribute to Yahweh …of his name's due glory.  Bring out the offering …worship Yahweh …tremble before him, all the earth!   Say among the nations, 'Yahweh is king!' ”

My Lord, your Kingship designs the atom, it gathers the stars.  Your Reign is beyond all bounds, your Power without limit.  Yet you allow me Yes and No.   You set at my table Life and Death; Everything and Nothingness.  I choose You.  I worship You.  My life is my offering.  May it reflect your Glory.

“Let the heavens be glad, let earth rejoice, let the sea thunder and all that it holds, let the fields exult and all that is in them, let all the woodland trees cry out for joy,  at the presence of Yahweh, for he comes, he comes to judge the earth, to judge the world with justice and the nations with his truth.”

I shall not fear your Justice, nor your Truth.  How can I fear my Lord and King, who loves me so –who has shown his Saving Hand?  Yes, I shall be Glad.  I shall Rejoice, Exult, and cry out for Joy.  My King has seen fit to bring me into his Presence; to clothe me with his Robe and Ring; to bequeath upon me a Justice I do not deserve.  He calls me My Child.  In Truth, he is my Father, my Protector, my Rock, my Cause to live.  So, Sing my heart and soul, “Blessed be his Name!”

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