Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Prayer

Christmas Prayer
The children are filled with Christmas Joy.  They are singing and dancing to the sights and music of Christmas.  Their Joy drives them to dream …of brightly wrapped presents, waiting for them, under the tree laden with lights and ornaments.  It is all so beautiful, so wondrous, that the wait of a few days, or even hours, is an eternity.
Lord, when did I stop singing and dancing?  What happened to my Christmas Dreams, to the thrill of the wait?  I, who know so much more than the children, about the True Gift of Christmas, should be the one who is singing and dancing, who is brimming over with Joy, unable to contain the anticipation of my Dreams.
Lord, I want of celebrate the Day of your Coming in all of its Glory, in the fullness of its Truth.  I want to praise and worship you with all my strength.  Strip me of the pretenses and worries of this world.  I too want to sing out, “My spirit rejoices in God my Savior!”  May the truth of your Coming, make my feet dance for you, and my heart sing with Joy.

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