Thursday, October 15, 2015

From The Depths

From The Depths (Psalm 130)

“From the depths I call to you, Yahweh, Lord,
        listen to my cry for help!
Listen compassionately to my pleading!
If you never overlooked our sins,
        Yahweh, Lord, could anyone survive?
But you do forgive us: and for that we revere you.
I wait for Yahweh, my soul waits for him,
         I rely on his promise,
                my soul relies on the Lord
                        more than a watchman on the coming of dawn.
…For it is with Yahweh that mercy is to be found…”

         Lord, my soul as become familiar with the Depths.  Your Glory, so bright, is shadowed. Sin has darkened your Light.  Burdens of this life loom large.  I am weak.  Youth’s arrogance is a distant illusion.
         Only say the Word and my soul shall be healed.  …Yet you allow me to know the freedom of brokenness.  …Yet am I driven to hope.  …Yet must I still seek your Saving Hand.
         What mystery is this Life with you.   Invisible is This Hand that sustains me so.  Unquestionable is your Promise.  Unfathomable this Well Of Faith, this Source of Hope.
        You empty what you desire to fill.  You break what you desire to heal.  You humble what you desire to raise.  So it is Lord, that I know now the Watchman’s need.  The Night forbid his eyes to see.  Try as he might it, in vain could he see without your Light.

         I know now, that Watchman’s need was comforted.  For your Mercy goes first, to those in the darkest of night.  Only in clinging to your Faithfulness, can I see the Dawn that is yet to be.

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